Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Roy's Super Signals software is making people thousands of dollars a week!

Tremendous new, free binary options software available at

Once again, Roy's continues to deliver great reviews of the latest binary options signal systems. In additional to that, Roy has provided a limited, free beta release of his software to a number of members of his exclusive Mentor List. Anyone can sign up and ask to be included, but according to his site, he's only taking in about twenty-five new applications.

Roy says he wants the program to "remain exclusive and tightly knit, and not get over-crowded." As of this writing, the people who have received his binary options software have made thousands in profits. Julien Deschamp of Denmark has made over $12,500, radio host Joe Lindemann has made over $5,000, Jennifer S. from Chicago has made $1,400 in one week, and a few others are also doing great.

The Super Signal software suite is an exclusive program Roy has spent $25,000 of his own money creating. It combines signals from dozens of other binary options signal providers. By doing this, he is able to deliver "super signals", which are highly accurate trades that result in a 97-98% win rate. This results in huge, consistent, loss-free profits.

His software is getting so popular it was even featured on WSET 13, Virginia's largest ABC network. To join, simply visit and learn more.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Fascinating new reviews on The Scam Watchdog Blog

Here's an update on some of the new reviews on The Scam Watchdog Blog...

First, there's an update on Franco's Binary Options Trading System. This system is where you buy access to watch Franco trade. Franco is a professional trader and makes $250,000 a year trading binary options. You basically pay to watch him, copy him and learn from him. So far, the system has had huge success and people are happy with it.

Secondly, there's a new review about Cloud Cash Commissions. This system is a scam.

There's a third review about CB Passive Income, a great introduction to online affiliate marketing.

Forth, there's the Free Money System review here, Tokyo Bot review and Binary Matrix Pro review. All highly recommended with some fascinating stories and details.

Some of the top new binary options systems include Legal Insider Bot, Insured Profits, 2014 Millionaire, Hercules Profit Pro and Secret Money System. Check those reviews out, too. Another very exciting review includes Click Clone Cash.

I highly recommend checking out all these reviews. Roy does a great job of buying these things, testing them and giving results.

Mike Smith, webmaster

Monday, July 7, 2014

Google's Panda 4.0 Update Causes Controversy

Google's Panda 4.0 Update Causes Controversy

Internet Marketers and SEO Companies Rattled by New Google Strategies

How Google's animal-named updates create huge waves While the public is not likely familiar or aware of it, Google, the world's top search engine, is continuing to release new algorithms for its search engine that deeply affect the rankings of millions of websites. Those behind the scenes, working in search engine optimization (also known as "SEO"), internet marketing and website building watch these updates closely. The updates are so far-ranging in their impact that businesses' bottom lines and revenues can be impacted by each update, sometimes positively and sometimes negatively.

There are various types of updates
Google releases various updates under different animal names, and they include Penguin updates, Hummingbird updates and Panda updates, all of them more or less targeting spam and doing their best to improve search rankings. Most Panda updates are centered around spam targeting, some recent of which have targeted "payday loan" spam that is so prevalent. The impact is so striking that many sites once ranked in the top 5 of search rankings may drop completely out of the index altogether.

How SEO companies are in constant battle with Google

The SEO world is a huge marketplace of webmasters, coders, web gurus and internet marketers. These people work tirelessly to promote their websites and clients' websites. Their main goal is to achieve the highest ranking in Google, Yahoo! and Bing for their respective search terms, keywords and business niche.
Over the course of recent years, Google's updates have impacted many legitimate business as never before. Many of these businesses acquired links over the years from spam sites and other undesirable sites simply by accident. With Google's updates, these businesses were then tasked with having to laboriously remove these links, one by one. This meant their site was removed from the top search rankings while they worked to remove the links, with no guarantee they would even return to their previous spot in the rankings.

The beginning of the end, or a new start?
The Google update disaster caused countless businesses to lose nearly all of their online revenue. SEO companies made a killing, as businesses had no choice but to hire internet experts to fix the problem and try to remove the links. The ultimate goal was to "make Google happy", with no guarantee it would even work. This entire rolling process of Google updates has shell-shocked the internet world, and once again with Panda 4.0, many companies are reeling, but also hoping this most recent update will target real spam sites, instead of legitimate businesses. Only time will tell what the effect is, as the update was just released in early June.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Rising Star on ABC has new official fan comments website.

New ABC hit music reality show has special website dedicated to fan comments

The new hit show "Rising Star", feature judges Brad Paisley, Ludacris and Kesha, aims to be the biggest new show of 2014 and possible the biggest show of all time. It will directly compete with popular music reality shows "American Idol" and "The Voice", except it offers one, new feature the other shows don't: live fan voting via social media. Instead of waiting a day to see fan votes through cumbersome phone voting systems, the fans will vote in real time and see the results in real time.

Since the popularity of the show is likely to be of a blockbuster level, a new website has been set up for fans to share their comments via an official Disqus comments section on

Check out the site here and make your voice heard as to who your favorite rising star is.

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